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About Me

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All the images on this site are of actual clients. I have received consent from each woman to post her image(s). I do not publish any image without the client's consent.

I'm Marimichelle Delaney, but you can call me Michelle!  I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 12 years before moving to the beautiful Ryukyu Island of Okinawa, Japan. I lived in Okinawa for 10.5 years before moving to the Warner Robins, Georgia area! 

My journey with photography began very early in life. I have always loved to look at pictures. When I was very young, my grandmother always kept her 'Memory Books' filled with all of our family's latest adventures. I LOVED looking at those books. Even now, I sometimes wonder if my memories are of actual events or are of the pictures my grandma had and the stories she told with them... I was on an election billboard for a local judge when I was 3 years old and my grandfather had the actual billboard sized picture plastered to the side of their basement wall... When I first saw it I said, 'Who put dots all over my face?' The 3 year old me, not realizing that was called a pixel. Up close to that LARGE billboard, my picture was nothing but a bunch of dots... but when I looked at it from across the room, I could see ME!!! In elementary school I got my 1st camera, a little Kodak 110. I really wanted a Polaroid, but they were expensive so I got the 110 instead! I took it everywhere. I began to capture my own memories from that point on. If you asked my husband, he would say that since we've been together, his whole life has been documented!!!

I went to college at Penn State and studied communications. My degree served me well as I soon became a local TV news reporter in Anchorage, Alaska. After having my 2 daughters, and my priorities changing, I opened my own Public Relations/Advertising Business, Mad Banana Creative Services. The Mad is for my daughter Madelyn. The Banana is for my daughter Hannah, Banana.

2018 marks the 17th anniversary of Mad Banana.  Mad Banana has changed a bit over the years.  In 2010, I opened a photography division and haven't looked back!  It took some encouraging from friends, the support of my husband and a 'niche' market to get me on-board.

I photograph women that want to remind their spouses or 'Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine' soldier what they have to look forward to when they get back from Iraq or Afghanistan. I kept the Mad Banana name because, let's face it, it's way more marketable than Michelle Delaney! LOL! I LOVE what I'm doing now... I still get nervous before every client sees their proofs, but I get goose bumps when clients tell me that they've never felt so beautiful! It's really the best feeling!

Ready to book a session to surprise your soldier?  Contact me and let's get you on my calendar today!